Upcycled Pallet Shelf

A little while ago I saw a lovely design for a shelf made out of reclaimed pallet wood, so I thought I'd take the idea, have a little play with it, and see what I could create.

So I started with a pallet - which I broke up into pieces of pallet.

Then I cut them down and sanded them and made them look lovely.

After that I spent a lot of time placing them together and working out how I wanted my shelf to look and what the best way to attach the pieces of pallets together. 

I decided on wood glue, and began the lengthy process of gluing the pieces together.

When it was all stuck together and dry I took a picture cause I felt really excited.

I then attached brackets under the shelf itself, and supports on the back to keep it strong and sturdy. Then I varnished it and put it on the wall for a good picture. 

If you'd like to purchase my shelf please visit my Upcycled Creations page. 


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