The Beginning

A year ago my boyfriend and I got into the idea of Upcycling. We got hold of a lot of old wooden pallets and painstakingly took them apart and learnt how to put them back together again so that they'd be something a lot more exciting than pallets... like tables or wine racks.
This was great fun, but there was one problem... at this point I had a job that was demanding I put in all the hours under the sun, so with only one of us really working on it, the project sunk pretty quickly.
It was sad, but I didn't have the time to put into it, and he didn't want to do it on his own, so we put it to bed. But it never really left my mind.

A few weeks ago I mentioned it over dinner, how I'd enjoyed it and I wished I'd had the time to put into it. He's got other things going on now and isn't interested in going back to that, but after a brief conversation about designing and making and upcycling, he looked up and grinned at me.
'Rach,' he said, 'If you wanna do an upcycling project why don't you just do it, you don't have to make the pieces from scratch, you could take old furniture and revamp it.'
My mind started spinning with all sorts of ideas immediately. Of course, I didn't have to go through the laborious process of making the furniture, there's already plenty of furniture out there waiting for an exciting new lease of life!

So here I am, and this is my project, breathing new life into old things, and creating art out of the mundane.

My first piece was a test piece, and it was a chair, a normal, average, dining chair. It was pretty plain, and had a few marks on it; scratches, coffee stains, but those came out pretty quick.

This chair was great fun, I wanted to do a paint splat 'pattern', but had no idea the best way to go

about it. So I threw paint at it, I drizzled paint on it, I flicked paint at it, and I even did a weird little jiggly movement with my hand to try and make it come out all wiggly, (it didn't work), and I even tried blowing it off the end of a brush.
I used a paintbrush, a knife, a jug, my lungs, and the end of a paintbrush.
The result was a colourful chair... that looked a bit of a mess! But it was perfect, because through all the flicking and splatting and drizzling I found a couple of techniques that did get the result I wanted, techniques I'd take through to my next projects.

Rach 😃


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