Set of 2 Paint Splat Dining Chairs

I came across these two beautiful chairs by accident, over Facebook, and just knew that I had to have them. One was in reasonably good condition, the other bore the signs of paint applied by it's previous owner - not a completed project. But their beautiful shape, and the fact that they were a perfect pair, meant both that they'd make a great project, and that I had to have them!

So I took the first one and began sanding.

Have you ever tried sanding down a whole chair? It's actually pretty hard work, with all the fiddly bits and curvy bits, even with an electric hand sander!

Once I'd sanded it down it looked rather naked, so I thought I'd better add a lick of black paint. 

The paint made it look lovely, all dark and 'midnight-esque', I could almost have kept it that way, but I had other plans. 

Then I took it outside and splatted it, with techniques that will not be revealed. I splatted it again, and again, and again! 

Then it was time to start of the second, which, of course, got the same treatment as the first. 

When they're all dried they get top-coated, then they're ready to go. 


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