Mahogany Paint Splat Table

I found this beautiful little round table in the back of a charity shop in Stroud. It was rickety and unstable, covered in coffee ring marks, and cost me a tenner. Unfortunately I didn't think to take a picture until after I'd sanded it down and fixed the 'rickety-ness' - but I'm sure you get the idea! 

I've been brainstorming lots of design ideas over the past few weeks, and had several designs that I thought might work nicely on this piece.

I painted it white, then decided I'd paint splat it - seeing as I'd had so much fun splatting the other pieces. Plus, I'd seen the splats work well on the chairs, but was curious what they'd look like on a flat surface. 

It started coming along really nicely, and pretty quickly I discovered a technique that left these lovely drizzles and flicks of colour across the top of the table. 

Waiting for things to dry is always the hardest part - and I had to shoot off to work in the afternoon so I had to bring my wet, paint-splatty, table inside in case it rained. It was fun trying to move it without touching it I can tell you! 

I love a finished piece, dry, top-coated, and ready to go! 


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