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Light Ray Table

After a short break due to the rather intense process of moving house, I've finally got my work-space up and running and I've got a new piece, with a whole new kind of design.

Yes... I've been experimenting... again... 
I found this sweet little table at a car boot sale a few months ago along with a couple of other bits and pieces, and gleefully carted it off home with absolutely no idea what I wanted to do with it. 

And since then it's been transported across my hometown of Stroud, from my little flat all the way to the house I now share with a very good friend of mine, and where I've acquired a whole room purely dedicated to upcycling - finally!
I sanded this table down just before I moved, still not entirely sure what I wanted to do with it but hoping that after handling it for a little while and getting familiar with it I might have some sort of spontaneous bought of inspiration. 
I didn't. 
My inspiration for this piece didn't come until just the othe…

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